When You Need Tooth Extracted Yesterday

What does it mean when someone says I need this or that done yesterday? This perhaps something that the local city dentist must know about only too well. Because how many dental emergencies has he had to see to over the years? A tooth extraction near me in Houston could very well constitute one of those urgent emergencies.

The things that need to be done yesterday. The things that need to be done in an extreme hurry. The pulling of a loose tooth might not be one of those urgent emergencies. Because after all about the most you might get is a bit of discomfort.

tooth extraction near me in Houston

And perhaps just a spot of bleeding if you are not squeamish. But the dentist’s decision to pull a tooth owing to his patient having to endure a great deal of toothache that never seems to wat to go away is definitely one of those emergencies.

Of course, the dentist does not wish to see you suffer in pain. But there is more, as it turns out. It turns out that it might have something to do with the root causes if you will. What is happening is this. One of the root causes of that pain that never seems to want to go away is due to the tooth having decayed to such a point that it is beyond rescue.

Some folks, however, could count themselves lucky. Because after that short burst of pain it just goes away and the affected tooth just goes numb. And then because there’s just no life in the tooth it simply goes numb. The tooth is dead. Long live the tooth?

Nope. It’s gone once it’s been pulled. And now it’s a case of long live the replacement tooth.